A Crown of Flowers

If you went to a Catholic school while you were growing up, you know what a big deal May Crowning is. It’s a huge deal for the 8th graders. This year I learned that it is also a big deal for the person making the crown because this year that job became mine.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start but I had some ideas.  I purchased all of the flowers that were pink, red or white.  Since I went shopping the day after Mother’s Day, the flower selection was a bit slim.

I then separated the flowers into small mini bouquets.  Basically, I made a table full of boutonnieres.


I had some small strings of pearls that I added to most of the little bouquets. Each little bouquet was wrapped with floral tape.

IMG_1083I then wrapped floral wire around each little bouquet.  Then I added another bouquet to it and wrapped floral wire around that one.  I continued adding bouquets and wrapping with floral wire.  In the end, the finished crown looked great.  I was worried about how sturdy it was, though.  I went back in and added more wire throughout.  I also wrapped the crown with some pink ribbon.  That made it easier to see which side was the front and which was the back as the long ribbon tail was in the back.

Finished crown

Finished crown

I think that next year, I might make a circle wire frame to build the crown on so that the flowers aren’t just supported by other flowers.  Also, I might try to leave the stems longer on the flowers to see if that gives it some more support.

Although I was nervous about the strength of the crown, it is still intact!  Weeks later, the crown is still together.  The flowers have now dried but it still looks beautiful.


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