Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week’s photo challenge was actually pretty simple, in my opinion. A picture of change? Well….

Fall has fallen! After the summer temperatures that we’ve had nonstop up until yesterday, we finally have fall temperatures today. The leaves are ever-so-slightly starting to change their colors. The sky is cloudy. A change is in the air. Fall is here.

Change is in the air

Change is in the air

If you look carefully, you can see a few yellow leaves peeking out from the green.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Change.”

Two years ago….

Most of the times, when Facebook reminds me of my “memories” from past years, I smile for a few minutes but then move on. I rarely “reshare” the post. However, today’s memory from two years ago was an important one for me.

So, apologies to my Facebook friends who also happen to follow my blog. This will be a repeat. 🙂


Two years ago. After looking at 75 houses. After making 9 offers on 8 of those. After so much stress. And disappointment. And more stress. And wondering if we would ever be able to accomplish the goal of home ownership. Two years ago. Finally. We were able to hold the keys to our house. Since then we’ve battled weeds, blizzards, trees, noisy and stinky wildlife, and the previous owner’s choices. But, right now I’m watching cartoons with big girl, I can hear baby girl starting to wake up, I can see our beautiful front yard, I can hear our dryer running……and although it hasn’t been easy I’m so proud that we’ve been able to do this for our girls, ourselves,…..and the cats.

I guess I’m a real runner now

So, I ran my first 5K a few weeks ago. Yay! Yay me!

It's official!

It’s official!

It was a challenge because it was my first 5K but it was also a challenge because I happened to fall down some stairs just before getting in the car to go to the 5K. So. Yea. I sort of….landed right on my left knee, while slamming the back of my right leg onto a stair, and….hitting my back on the car door…. Fun! But, I ran the whole 5K! I did it! Yay! Yay me!

Then….I did a second 5K the following weekend. Although the second 5K wasn’t much of a race since the course was in a corn maze and it had rained nonstop two nights before. Instead of a race, it was like an episode of a reality tv show…where the contestants had to try to climb through miles of mud….all while wearing a tutu. Not sure what show that would be. But, I lived it. That was my reality. (It was fun – but next time I will not wear my mostly-new running shoes. We passed many shoes that had simply been abandoned in the mud. I lost a shoe but luckily, a guy walking by us helped to wrestle it out of the mud. I did check each one just in case they were a size 7….)

Now, since this whole running thing is still new for me, I’m not quite sure what to do about my legs. I’ve been elevating. And bracing. And elevating while bracing. I am hoping to make an appointment with a sports medicine doc this week (since the race was two weeks ago). So, please think positive-knee-so-I-can-keep-running thoughts.

In the meantime, tomorrow’s training session will be a walk/jog/walk/jog/walk/walk.


A quick and simple floral centerpiece

My sister and I recently hosted the wedding shower for our baby sister. We wanted to keep it simple while also keeping it fun for everyone. We looked at some different ideas for floral arrangements but ended up going with a simple idea that would pack a lot of punch. Plus, the arrangements also worked as favors since everyone could take one home.

I found lots of different sizes of vases at Goodwill and then headed to Whole Foods to buy the flowers. I choose three different types of white flowers and one kind of yellow to add a little bit of color.

Finished centerpieces all boxed up and ready to go.

Finished centerpieces all boxed up and ready to go.

You can see that I tried to pick flowers with different sizes, shapes, and textures so that each little vase would be interesting to look at while also being super cute.

I think that they ended up looking beautiful!





Summer memories

Sometimes, when the cool temperatures and crunchy leaves seem to be everywhere almost overnight, it’s nice to have a little reminder of the summer months. It also helps when that reminder is just as nice during the fall as it is during the summer months.




What is one of your summer-into-fall staples?