I did it!

It’s official. I’m a runner. I finished my first 10K! It was an amazing weekend filled with great food (it was at Disney after all.)

701947_10207920985363374_537805546160713003_oAnd lots of excitement…..

12764826_10207926827829432_8953796135603940764_oThere were times when I did doubt myself but I kept going and I ran faster than I expected to.

12747429_10207926829829482_3887288367225104056_oThis was my first Disney race but as soon as I saw that 5 mile marker I was already hooked. It had been a great experience up through that point. There were characters at every mile and that was fun to see. I didn’t actually stop, though, until after the 5 mile mark because I knew that once I made it that far, I was almost done.

My official time: 1:30:35  Not bad for my first 10K.

883611_10207926831029512_1268316121561734432_oAs soon as that medal was around my neck, I started planning my next Disney run. Unfortunately, they are crazy expensive so it’ll be awhile before I can do another one. But, I’ll definitely be back for another run. In the meantime, this week, I started training for a half marathon.


3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Congratulations on your run. I did my first run just last year at Wine & Food Festival. Started around midnight, but it was a lot of fun. Something you might consider is running for a charity. It helps to cover some of the costs since many of the organizations will award things like hotel rooms based on how much you raise. Good luck with your half marathon training.

    • The run at the Wine & Food festival looks like it is so much fun! Plus, there’s a lot of food to eat. 🙂 I actually did fundraise for an organization for the 10K. I raised money for Special Olympics Florida. I’m glad that I was able to do so much good but fundraising was stressful. There were several times when I was really worried that I wouldn’t reach my goal. But, even though it was stressful, I would definitely think about doing it again. 🙂

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