Summer time concert time

I love seeing concerts in the summer because there is the opportunity to see bands playing outside. Outdoor concert season! Woo-hoo! There is just something wonderful about listening to music and drinking a beer while sitting outside.

The downside? Everyone brings picnic blankets and chairs and get comfortable. Really comfortable. That means that hundreds of your new best friends all take of their shoes at the same time. Yea.

Ryan and I recently saw Flight of the Conchords when they played downtown. Don’t know who they are? Seriously, look them up because I have tried to explain them and I just can’t do it very well. Get the seasons of their HBO show….watch the episodes…..and then you’ll know why seeing them live is just a lot of fun.

In addition to seeing them live, we got to hang out in Millennium Park which really is one of my favorite things about downtown Chicago. The park opened when I moved to Chicago and I remember thinking “Wow, that is a lot (!!!!!!!) of money. I sure hope people use this thing…..” And yes, it was a lot of money. But yes, people are in the park all year long. Even in January, you will see people taking pictures by the Bean. (Guys…January….go inside! It’s cold!).

So yay for concerts outside. Yay for summer nights. And yay for the Bean looking even more beautiful when reflecting the nighttime skyline.


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