Things I’ve Said

During our recent vacation to Disney World, one of my brothers-in-law suggested that I make a blog post of the random weird things that I’ve said during the week. You know those things that you say as a parent and you think to yourself, “I can’t believe I just had to actually say that.”?

Well, here we go with the first round of “Things I’ve Said.”


“Please stop licking the window.”

“You do not need to kiss the cat’s tail.”

“Yes, but I don’t want you to hit me with your sandwich.”

“Please stop shaking your sister’s food.”

“Why is there cheese in your hair?”

“Wait. What do you mean the pillow is ‘too complicated?'”

“Where did you find that pretzel? Don’t eat floor pretzels!”

“Don’t put the pancake in your eye.”


One thought on “Things I’ve Said

  1. You know when you recognize your mother by the words that come out of your mouth….well, I really don’t recall ever saying any of those things! So funny! Some or all of these quotes will go into our vacation photo book! Love you1

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