The Best Part of the Doctor Office?

We’ve been to many different doctor offices lately for back-to-school checkups and kindergarten dentist and eye appointments. We’ve also had to take a trip to the vet for Buddy’s checkup. For the most part, every girl (human or cat) has done a great job at these appointments and their reward is a new supply of stickers, suckers, small plastic toys and, for Buddy, a new catnip toy from the vet.


All in all, these appointments are definitely much more stressful for mommy than for the girls. And, then the girls only seem to remember the prizes that they got after the actual appointment.

I’m actually really glad that Buddy got a new toy. She really doesn’t have any toys since cat toys stressed me out when the kids were younger (babies putting cat toys in their mouth – ew!). So, now she’s behaving like a kitten once again, rolling around with her toy. 🙂


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