Winter Checklist Update #6

What are your favorite holiday flavors? For most “seasonal” flavors throughout the rest of the year, I could really enjoy those flavors at any time. However, there is just something about the flavors of the holidays….I really don’t want them except for during the holidays. Those flavors are peppermint and egg nog. Sure, I might have peppermint flavored foods at different times of the year but it’s during the holidays when I really crave that flavor. And since you can’t find egg nog except during the holidays, I try to drink as much as possible. Within reason, of course. 🙂


The list thus far:


3 thoughts on “Winter Checklist Update #6

  1. Eggnog is the best!!! One of our family traditions is that on Christmas morning we make eggnog french toast. I basically use eggnog, an egg and freshly grated nutmeg to dip Texas Toast in. It’s sooo good! One year we made Martha Stewart’s eggnog from scratch. It was also delicious, but we came to the conclusion that Martha is an alcoholic! LOL! Happy new year!

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