Portillo’s Playground Picnic – An Alliteration Dinner

This was our first week of summer vacation. I worked until Wednesday, Lily had school until Tuesday, but we started our summer in a big way by going to Chicago Botanic Garden on Thursday. Check out some pictures from our day at the Garden below.






Although Chicago Botanic Garden wasn’t on our summer bucket list, it was definitely a great way to kick off our summer! Plus, my mom was able to join us and I was so glad that she was able to experience the Garden with us!


Today, we spent a lot of time in our jammies, went for lunch, and we were able to check off one of our summer checklist items – have a picnic – when we ate our dinner at the playground tonight. (It was definitely necessary to try to get to the playground in between the various rainy times today.) Yummmm! Portillos!


Our summer checklist thus far:

You may notice that our list actually has one more item on it that wasn’t there when we originally made the list. Well, Lily added going to Chinatown (she has really developed a taste for some different foods)….so although we just crossed off one item from the list….we also just added another item. Definitely going to be a busy summer!


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