Movies Under the Stars

We love seeing movies outdoors! Luckily for us, we are very close to a weekly option for outdoor movies during the summer!

For several Wednesdays during the summer, Oakbrook Center hosts movie screenings on their Lawn.

The movies take place rain or shine. Although, there are people who will just prop up an umbrella and hang out in their rain jacket or poncho, I am not those people. Lol. So, we’ve planned on going to two of the movies this summer and have only been able to go to one. We’re hoping that the rain cooperates so that we can see Incredibles 2 tomorrow night!


We usually stop upstairs to pick up food from the food court before claiming our spots on the Lawn. (Pie Five for the girls. Cilantro Taco Grill for me.)

Our list thus far:

  • Go to Disney World.
  • Pick blueberries.
  • Go bowling.
  • Bake some treats.
  • See outdoor movies.
  • Go to the museums.
  • Go to LEGO Discovery Center.
  • Visit Brookfield Zoo.
  • Go to Morton Arboretum to see the Lego sculptures.
  • Visit the Art Institute.
  • Eat ice cream.
  • Play on the playground.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Go to the library.
  • Go to a festival.
  • Have a slumber party.
  • Have a pajama day.
  • Watch movies at home.
  • Visit Granny and Pa.
  • Visit Mimi and Pa.
  • Have a beach day.
  • Pick dandelions out of the yard.
  • See fireworks.
  • Go to the splash pads.
  • Visit Chinatown.
  • Play outside.
  • Have tea at American Girl.
  • Play in our house.


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