Moana Birthday

If your household is anything like ours, Moana is a big big big deal. We watch the movie. We have Moana dolls. We listen to the soundtrack in the car. The girls have Moana t-shirts. So, it made sense that baby girl was going to want  Moana themed birthday for her third birthday.

So, baby girl wore her new Moana dress. And big girl wore her new Moana t-shirt.

There aren’t a lot of Moana party accessories so the decor and food was Moana/tropical themed.


It worked out nicely that the Target dollar section recently had a lot of pineapple stuff. (The metal containers and pineapple straws are from the dollar section.)

It was a fun day. And do not worry. Both girls are already planning their next birthday party themes…….


My triumphant blogging return

So, it’s been over a year since I wrote a post.  That last post was titled “Prepping for Baby” so you can guess what has been taking up all of my time since then.  But, now I’m drafting a blog post detailing the plans from baby girl’s first birthday party!  The year has flown by.  While I was doing the planning for her party, I was doing lots of research on Pinterest.  And while I was doing research on Pinterest, I was thinking, “I should go back to my blog.”  So, here I am.  Hopefully, I will continue blogging about baking, crafting, stupid cat stuff, and your basic mommy stuff.

Fingers crossed.

Buddy is not very concerned by my blogging return.

Buddy is not very concerned by my blogging return.