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So, I’m on Instagram now. I’m still fairly new at it and I’m figuring it out as I go. Currently, I’m using it as an extension to my blogging. So, if you find what I write here to be somewhat interesting, you might find the pictures that I post to be somewhat interesting, too.

You can find me on Instagram @ frostonepurltwo

Yep. The most creative user name ever. 🙂

Ahh! December is almost half over already?!

So, this year has just flown by.  And this semester has been crazy.  Working full-time, a 3 year old and a 6 month old, and taking grad school courses….well….my extra time has been non-existent.  So, my new goal for 2015 is to attempt to post something at least once a week.  The important word in that sentence is “attempt.”

We shall see how well that works out…..

Just keep blogging…just keep blogging….

I think that I’ve figured out a way to encourage my blogging in 2013.  In past years, I tried to do a blog a week.  That meant a lot of writing and a lot of time spent figuring out what I would write about.  This year, I am going to try my hand at taking and posting a picture a week.

WordPress does a weekly photo challenge and I will be (hopefully) taking part.

So, send some positive thoughts my way.

If I keep this going into February, I’ll be happy.

My triumphant blogging return

So, it’s been over a year since I wrote a post.  That last post was titled “Prepping for Baby” so you can guess what has been taking up all of my time since then.  But, now I’m drafting a blog post detailing the plans from baby girl’s first birthday party!  The year has flown by.  While I was doing the planning for her party, I was doing lots of research on Pinterest.  And while I was doing research on Pinterest, I was thinking, “I should go back to my blog.”  So, here I am.  Hopefully, I will continue blogging about baking, crafting, stupid cat stuff, and your basic mommy stuff.

Fingers crossed.

Buddy is not very concerned by my blogging return.

Buddy is not very concerned by my blogging return.


During the last few months of 2010, my blog started to become less and less active.  In an effort to keep that from happening in 2011, I am taking on the challenge of blogging at least once a week.

January is almost over and I’ve been able to keep it up so far…..

So, keep your fingers crossed that I can see this through…..

Puck is unimpressed....but he doesn't even read my blog.