The Best Part of the Doctor Office?

We’ve been to many different doctor offices lately for back-to-school checkups and kindergarten dentist and eye appointments. We’ve also had to take a trip to the vet for Buddy’s checkup. For the most part, every girl (human or cat) has done a great job at these appointments and their reward is a new supply of stickers, suckers, small plastic toys and, for Buddy, a new catnip toy from the vet.


All in all, these appointments are definitely much more stressful for mommy than for the girls. And, then the girls only seem to remember the prizes that they got after the actual appointment.

I’m actually really glad that Buddy got a new toy. She really doesn’t have any toys since cat toys stressed me out when the kids were younger (babies putting cat toys in their mouth – ew!). So, now she’s behaving like a kitten once again, rolling around with her toy. 🙂

Cat Owner Level: Expert

When I was younger, I had cat furniture for my cat. It was one of those houses that doubles as a scratching post. Really nice and cozy and functional….until the cat gets fleas. And, there is no way to completely rid those things of fleas because they can’t go in the wash. After that, I stayed away from pet furniture. Scratching posts or things like that were fine because they didn’t have a lot of fabric for fleas or other critters to attach to. But, I figured it was never a necessity because cats love sleeping in boxes, or shoes, or blankets, or laundry so they don’t really need purchased stuff.

That all changed recently. I had some store credit to use and I usually don’t hold onto store credit or gift cards for too long……There wasn’t a lot that I was interested in for myself…..or the girls…..or Ryan……but, I found a cat tent. Yep. A cat tent.

I told myself that it was ok because 1) it was able to go in the laundry if needed and 2) it was the perfect size for the girls to use with their dolls if the cat didn’t take to it.

Behold! The glory of a super content cat hanging out in her new tent!


Now, would I have purchased this if I didn’t have a store credit that needed to be used in that particular store? Um. No. But, I will go ahead and say that it is a pretty good purchase.

I think that Buddy would agree.

Oh Christmas Cat, Oh Christmas Cat

This year, since baby girl is still in the “grab everything and throw it on the floor or put it in my mouth” stage, we blocked off the Christmas tree with the ottoman. The downside of that has been that Buddy has had an entire Christmas season without being able to easily sit under her (or rather, everyone’s) tree. She was very happy, then, on Christmas morning. The ottoman was moved out of the way to make way for the presents. Once the presents were opened and out of the way, Buddy was able to reclaim her favorite spot for the holidays.

Most of the year, Buddy is a tree cat. She loves to be perched up on a table or chair or lap. She rarely sits on the floor (unless it’s summer and there is a flip-flop to sleep on). However, during the holiday season, she quickly becomes a floor cat. I can’t really blame her, though. Who wouldn’t love to spend the day sitting underneath a Christmas tree?


IMG_6964We took the tree down last weekend so Buddy has been busy trying to find a new spot. Right now? Her spot is on my leg…..

Yes, cat, this WAS just for you

We have a new nice box that I have been trying to figure out what we should use it for.  It might be the perfect size to collect all of the remote controls. But, of course, Buddy has her own plans for the box.

What? It's for me, right?

What? It’s for me, right?

So, since I let the cat control way more in the house than any one animal should be able to…..I guess it’s now her box.

Obviously it's mine.

Obviously it’s mine.

It's the perfect size.

It’s the perfect size.

So now I need a new idea for storing the remotes…..

Home is Where the Cat Is

Big girl was given a dollhouse for her birthday. She loves it! But, Buddy has decided that it’s her house.

The new tenant has moved in….

The new tenant has moved in….

P.S. This pic was taken several weeks ago….when the Christmas tree was still up which is why you can see some of it in the corner.  No, I don’t still have my tree up.  But, I kind of wish that I did.