A quick and simple floral centerpiece

My sister and I recently hosted the wedding shower for our baby sister. We wanted to keep it simple while also keeping it fun for everyone. We looked at some different ideas for floral arrangements but ended up going with a simple idea that would pack a lot of punch. Plus, the arrangements also worked as favors since everyone could take one home.

I found lots of different sizes of vases at Goodwill and then headed to Whole Foods to buy the flowers. I choose three different types of white flowers and one kind of yellow to add a little bit of color.

Finished centerpieces all boxed up and ready to go.

Finished centerpieces all boxed up and ready to go.

You can see that I tried to pick flowers with different sizes, shapes, and textures so that each little vase would be interesting to look at while also being super cute.

I think that they ended up looking beautiful!