Cake Decorating Class – #3

So, yesterday I had my third cake decorating basics class. It went really well except that by the end, my hand was exhausted. It is kind of like when I was learning how to knit. Muscles that have never worked in a certain direction are being forced to do work that they’ve never done for hours at a time. I am not a professional cake decorator. However, not that I’ve gone this far I can honestly say, professional cake decorators must have the most amazingly fit arms!

After all of the recent baking that I’ve done, I decided to take it easy for class.  I got some help from Betty Crocker.  And I’m thinking that I’ll do the same for my final cake next week.

As you have guessed from the photos, last night’s class was all about cupcakes.  Yummy yummy cupcakes.  I think that they all turned out rather nicely.  The photo made the color look a little weird because the cupcakes with the small white flowers were actually violet.  The photo looks like they were some kind of brownish purple shade.

Yum. Yum. And yum.

The little white flowers are my new favorite.  They turned out really nicely.  And I learned that making leaves out of frosting is actually fairly easy.  We learned three different types of leaves.  They all look pretty similar.

The blue flowers are a little weird looking.  My frosting was definitely too thick so they didn’t come out the way that they are supposed to.  Ryan said that they were really cute sea anemones.  So, I know that if I am ever going to do an ocean themed cake, my sea anemones are going to be awesome.

Lots and lots of cupcakes

I brought all of the cupcakes to work.  They were completely gone in a couple of hours.  I thought that they turned out really nicely.  I guess everyone else thought that, too.


The Search for the Perfect Cupcake

Not too long ago, I went to Molly’s  Cupcakes for the first time.  I, of course, had a cupcake.  It seems as though cupcakes are a gigantic food trend these days.  There are food trucks that drive around the city selling just cupcakes.  There are bakeries that just specialize in cupcakes.  There is a show on Food Network about dueling cupcake bakers.  For me, though, cupcakes are not a fad.  I have always loved cupcakes.  I think for me, the best thing about cupcakes is the sheer versatility of these mini cakes.  They can be any flavor of cake that you would use for a full-size cake.  They can be frosted with any type of frosting.  They can be filled with any type of filling that you can imagine.  You can make a basic batch of cupcakes and fill and frost each one of those cupcakes with a different combination.  That kind of variety with one flavor of cake is just not possible in one full-sized cake.

So, now, I have decided that I need to find the perfect place in Chicago to have the perfect cupcake.  I enjoyed the cupcake at Molly’s Cupcakes.  It was a peach cobbler cupcake.  It was filled with peaches and the top of the cupcake actually tasted very similar to a cobbler with whipped cream.  So, yea, definitely tasty.  Was it my all-time favorite cupcake?  No.  But I think that I’m on the right track.

Peach Cobbler Cupcake at Molly's Cupcakes

In your opinion, if I have one cupcake in Chicago, where should it be from?