Has Anyone Ever Been Excited to Eat a Salad?

I am fairly certain that no one has ever been excited to eat a salad. I know for sure that I never have. Well, let me specify. The only salad I’ve ever been excited to eat was the Waldorf salad that my grandpa made. Although, it wasn’t until I was much older that I learned that it was called a Waldorf salad. We always called it apple salad. His was not a typical Waldorf salad. That salad taught me that marshmallows could and should be a salad ingredient.

But…..I have been trying to eat better. Grad school and other stresses have led to some (or a lot) of stress eating so I’ve been trying to eat more veggies and more salad. I have found a salad that I don’t mind eating. Fresh Express bag salads (specifically the chopped kits) are pretty good.  There are greens but also extra crunchy things and the included dressings are pretty good.


But really…..the reason that I am trying to eat more salad? It’s so that I can eat more of the stuff that I want to eat. I tell myself that if I eat some veggies, then I can have some dessert.

Why do I eat salad?

So that I can eat a donut.




Guilty Pleasures

Carbs. Carbs. More carbs. I know that I don’t need a giant bowl of carbs….but sometimes…..you just need a big pile of carbs, right?

My newest guilty pleasure…..waffle fries from Spud Heads with the Guns’ n Rosemary topping. I mean. Seriously.

Because sometimes when you’re spending way more time at the mall than you had planned on….and sometimes when you’re kids are going insane because they are tired/hungry/hangry…..and sometimes when you are getting frustrated because you just need to buy some shoes but can’t seem to find what you want…..sometimes you need a bowl of fries covered in yumminess.

What is your guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasure food? Carbs? Chocolate? Carbs and chocolate?

Cheap eats = Yummy eats

So, as my readers already know, I love Food Network.  And I love the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  I love hearing different opinions and I love it when one of those opinions lead me to a new food/restaurant in Chicago.  Recently, an episode aired that was titled, “Bang for the Buck.”  This episode asked what the best food you can get is while spending the least amount of money.

As happens each time I watch this show, I asked myself what my answer would be.  This time I actually didn’t need to think too hard.

Tank SushiHalf-price maki rolls.  Yes.  Please.

I love sushi.  I love love love sushi.  The problem is that I can not physically get a light sushi dinner.  It’s impossible for me.  When I am going for sushi, I fully expect that Ryan will have to roll me out of the restaurant when the meal is over.  So, obviously, half-price maki rolls are perfect for me.

I am already looking forward to when I can go back to Tank to load up on sushi.  Unfortunately, I have several months to wait.  Our midwife said that I can still have almost all seafood as long as I eat in moderation.  Um.  Moderation?  Since I can not do that with sushi, I will wait.  But you can bet that I will be taking the baby for many lunch dates at Tank.

When you are eating on a budget, what is your favorite spot?

When things work out even when they don’t

This past weekend, Ben and I had a date to go shopping and get some food.  Those are two things that I enjoy greatly.   The plan was to find some maternity khaki pants.  I need some maternity khaki pants.  And do you know what I discovered?  One can not find khaki maternity pants.  Apparently, they only exist online.  *sigh*

But have no fear.  Although my goal of finding the perfect pants was not achieved, remember that we had two things to do.  We went shopping and ate food.  And eating food has never been something that Ben and I have had trouble with.

Lunch?  Shrimp and cheese grits at Heaven on Seven.

Shrimp! Grits!

Dessert?  Parfait at Scooter’s.

Yum! Custard! Italian ice! Together in a cup!

Two of my favorite foods with one of my favorite people.

And now, I can find some pants online.

Mmmmm. Sandwich.

The sandwich might be the perfect food. You can put almost anything on a sandwich.

Earlier in the week, I had two of my favorite sandwiches.  Ryan made Cuban sandwiches for our dinner.  (Delicious.)  And, we had lunch at The Grind where they have many sandwiches including The Med.  I’m not normally a “healthy food” kind of person but this is seriously one of my fave sandwiches in the whole city.

What is your favorite sandwich?

The Med = delicious

One of the reasons why I love living and eating in Chicago

Last night, Ryan and I went out for dinner. The original plan was to finally get to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. However, when we got there, there was a wait time of an hour and forty minutes. Yea. Not so much. So, we went for a walk.

One of the best things about living and eating in Chicago is that if the wait time at one restaurant is too long, there is always another spot to go eat.  While Ryan and I were walking, we passed several places that we could’ve eaten at.  We finally decided on Frances’ Deli.  It was quite lovely.  Turkey dinner with all of the Thanksgiving sides?  Yes, please.

Did I know beforehand that this place existed?  Nope.  But that’s what’s so amazing about Chicago.  There are tons of places that you might walk by every single day and they might be really great.

You’ll never know until you try.  Or until the wait at the other place is way too long.

A weekend of deliciousness

One of my favorite parts of being a tour guide for friends when they visit Chicago is being able to eat at my favorite places. This weekend, one of my good friends who currently lives in Florida came to visit Chi-town. The downside? Spring has not made the strong push that I would have liked. The upside? While we weren’t able to do a lot of “outside stuff” because it was so chilly we were able to get to a lot of restaurants and eat some yumminess.
Our weekend of food:

Thursday – Ryan made a pot roast. Homemade and yummy.

Friday – While Jamie was visiting another friend, I ordered my favorite pizza for myself. Yay for the margherita pizza at Apart Pizza Company.

Saturday – Lunch at the Grafton.  Burgers + curry chips = a perfect lunch.  Dinner and drinks at Tiny Lounge.

Sunday – Dinner at Purple Pig.  This worked out nicely as Purple Pig is one of my fave places to eat in the entire city.

Monday – Lunch at Hot Doug’s.  Snack at Selmarie.  Dinner at Potbelly.  This was the day of the carb.

Tuesday – Breakfast at Angel Food Bakery.  A coconut cupcake is a perfect breakfast food.

When you are the tour guide, what are the places that you know that you have to take people to?