The Container Garden

Remember when I wrote this blog post about starting the container garden? (You can find it here.) Well, one of the most important things involved in gardening is time. The plants need time to grow and grow. It takes time. But it’s worth it.

Our container garden has, of course, grown.



I am really loving the different colors. The varieties of pinks!

How are your gardens looking so far?

Container Gardening

I will say, that as much as I love our front yard garden – and it’s a lot – there is something very enjoyable about a little container garden. Since it is filled with annuals, you can change it up every year. You can make your container garden as large or as small as you want. And it’s a great way to experiment with new plants.

When planning my container gardens, I choose 1) one type of tall grass for height, 2) something with fun color, and 3) something that will drape or fall over the front. This gives the garden some interesting depth.

Once you choose out the plants that you will use, experiment within the pot. Where do they look best. Don’t plant them until you are sure about their placement. (It’s much easier to move them around now, than after you’ve already planted them in their new homes.)


After you are sure of your placement, go ahead and plant. Honestly, I don’t think that there is a wrong way to do this. I add lots of small pots (because we have so many!) and that gives the whole garden some interesting impact. Even one plant in one small pot can add some fun color to your garden.


I have two larger pots and those are the ones that I really try to play around with using different heights. I found some cool grasses this year that I used toward the back of the pot.


The final step? Water your plants every day (unless you’ve been getting as much rain as we have…..) and enjoy your garden all summer long!

Springtime in the Front Yard

We’ve had some rain recently and it has done wonders in our front yard.


The daffodils are pretty much done for the season but the tulips are beautiful, the new irises that we planted last year are coming up nicely, and the phlox looks great. Well, at least the purple phlox looks great. (And is expanding like crazy!)


The phlox plants that I got last year are still looking pretty small but there are several new blooms on each plant. I’m optimistic that these ones will eventually look as great as the purple one. (Pay no attention to the dandelions growing in the middle of the garden…..)

But what I’m most excited about?


Look how tall the peonies are already!!! The peonies are always my favorite.


What’s coming up in your garden?

Garden Update

Finally! Spring has arrived! Our daffodils, in the front yard, are blooming and they look beautiful. The tulips have not shown much growth yet and are still pretty short, and definitely not blooming yet, but the bright yellow of the daffodils definitely looks like spring has arrived.


What is growing in your garden? What plants are you looking forward to seeing soon?

Spring is Springing….Sort of….

So, it’s snowing. Yep. Snowing. It seems as though winter did not get the memo that spring had started. Or, maybe spring did not get the email that it was supposed to get started.

But, even with the snow and the cold temperatures….and the lack of anything resembling blue skies….spring is here. And there are noticeable changes if you take the time to look.


Greenery is starting to emerge from the earth. Starting.


I’m hoping that in a few weeks, we’ll be able to enjoy some more colors in addition to the greenery.

Have you seen some signs of spring around your house? Is your garden beginning to emerge?


Garden Update

Our peonies didn’t last very long this summer. They are just big piles of green leaves at this point, no more blooms. But, they did bloom this year and that’s a big improvement from last year. I’m excited to see what they will do next summer. Our peonies are done but many others are doing well right now.

These are all from the flower garden by the driveway that we have put the most work into. We also have a flower garden by the house. The ones by the house are some of the few that we kept in their original location that had been planted by the previous owner. I like them because we don’t really have to do much to them. They just keep coming back year after year.

What does your garden look like this summer?

Garden Update

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am excited about this summer’s flower garden in the front yard. We did so much planting and transplanting last year and I feel that we are finally seeing the beginning of what I have wanted for the front yard.

And, we are going to have peonies! Peonies! Peonies! (I’m excited about the peonies….) 🙂

What’s coming up in your garden?

Garden Update – Here Comes Spring!

We had snow this week! Actual snow! And I’m not very happy about it! Now, I am fully aware that we’ve had a very easy winter for the most part. There has been very little snow and the temperatures have been fairly mild. I think that that’s why this week’s snow seems like such a giant leap backward. I thought that we were done with winter. Although, this year, it seems as though we were done with winter in early January……


The front yard is starting to wake up. There is new growth popping up everywhere. We did a lot of work in the front yard last summer. We moved a lot of plants and planted many new ones. I’m excited and anxious to see how all of the new plants do this year.