Marshmallow Taste Test

When baby girl was home with a fever, big girl and I had a little marshmallow adventure at XO Marshmallow! We each had a treat and then brought home some treats to share with baby girl and daddy.


Vanilla, salted caramel, and peppermint. Yummy!

And because we were going to try all three on the same night, we did a little taste test.


Although we agree that each flavor was yummy (except baby girl who doesn’t like mint flavors so did not like the peppermint), we were able to name a favorite.

Three of the four chose vanilla as the number one. I was the only one to choose something different, though. My fave is the salted caramel. But yea, all three flavors are yummy. And there are many other flavors available in the store and in their online store.

Have you had these? Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to try?

Peeps S’Mores!

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Peeps.  S’Mores.  O. M. G.

So, this is an example of my Pinterest wandering bringing me to something ridiculous.  You know those posts of cookies stuffed with brownies?  Or the Chex mix recipes that shouldn’t really be called a Chex mix anymore because they are 95% candy bar?  I thought that this fell into the category, too.  But something about it called out to me.  Something told me that these needed to be made.  So.  I did.  One more treat to bring to Easter.

The chocolate dipping part was super easy.  The chocolate melted very well and looked great on the graham crackers with the Easter-y sprinkles.  Very cute already.  I set them out so the chocolate could harden.

graham cracker. white chocolate. sprinkles.

graham cracker. white chocolate. sprinkles.

This is when I realized that the recipe said that you needed to leave your Peeps out so they could get a bit stale for easy cutting.  Yep.  Definitely read right over that the first time I read the recipe.  So, the finished S’mores would have to wait until the next morning – one more thing to try to get done before we left.

The next day: if you are going to do these, please, for your own sanity, let the Peeps harden up for more than one night.  Trying to cut these was just silly.  So, the finished product is not nearly as cute as I was hoping.  (Darn you, Pinterest!  One more example of something not turning out as polished and perfect as yours!)

Lined up like an army of sugar.

Lined up like an army of sugar.

Also, these do not travel well.  The chocolate completely melted and stuck to the serving tray.   So, they looked a little sad.  But…..they taste really yummy!  If you happen to have some leftover Peeps from Easter, I recommend giving these a try.  Just try not to leave them by the window in the car.