Mama Loves Organizing!

I really love organizing. I really do. And I love organizational containers. !!!!!! I love finding new ways to organize what I’ve already organized. Oh man. It makes me so happy.

I want to show off some of the new organization in the living room. We have lots of Legos. Lots and lots of Legos. Each girl got at least two new Lego sets for Christmas. It’s great because I love Legos and Ryan loves Legos and we both love that our girls love Legos. But, especially now that big girl has shown more interest in following the directions in the different sets, we needed a new solution instead of the one large box that just held every piece. That led to big girl literally digging through the box. Legos would fly everywhere. I would find them all over the floor….carpet….everywhere. My fear was that I was going to vacuum up one of the pieces and then we would discover that it was an essential piece to whatever the girls wanted to build.

So……I found some containers at Target and the girls and I began the great Lego-organization-of-2018.


Look at that! So beautiful! So organized! So color-coded!

Not only is it lovely to look at, but it’s already making it easier for the girls to build what they want. They can easily and quickly find the piece(s) that they are looking for.

Do you love organizing as much as I do? What are your favorite organizing hints? Do you have a favorite organizing container?


The Neverending Task of Organization

One of my project a couple weeks ago was to go through all of big sister’s baby toys and get them ready for little sister to play with them.  I went through the baby toys in the toy room and washed them so they would be ready for tummy time play in the living room.  I wasn’t sure where to put them as we’ve been trying very hard to keep the living room from becoming Toy Room 2.0.  Ryan mentioned the small canvas container that had been in big sister’s room that held some of the more frequently read books.  I knew that that would work perfectly.  All that I would have to do would be to move the books onto her book shelf in her bedroom.

Now, these are not her only books.  Big sister has books in the toy room and in the living room but most of her books are in her bedroom.  You can quickly take a look at the book shelf and see that this is a kid who loves books.  And that makes me very proud.

Books. Books. Books.

Books. Books. Books.


The next organization task is to pack up my maternity clothes and go through all of my other clothes.  I’ve made a large pile of clothes to get rid of and am in the process of finding places for the rest of my clothes to go.

Cats are Horrible at Organizing

It never fails. As soon as there is an open box somewhere in the apartment, there will quickly be a cat in that box. And if that box is something that you need to work with soon, then jumping into that box will be the fastest movement that that cat makes during the day.

This was the case after I bought some new boxes to store Christmas stuff. As you can see, Buddy had no interest in helping me to clean up.

Come on, Buddy. It's not yours!

And…Christmas is Gone….Mostly

So, I was determined to get Christmas taken down today. And now, the living room floor is covered with boxes that Ryan will eventually put away on shelves that I can’t reach. I love seeing the floor covered with Christmas boxes in November. But seeing the boxes all over the floor now? It’s just kind of depressing.

*sigh* There goes Christmas.....

Next year, I am buying a new crazy tree. This year crazy tree started to lean more and more. Plus, each branch held an average of three ornaments so we probably need to upgrade to a larger tree.  But as I was putting stuff in boxes and sealing the boxes shut for another year I realized something.  It looks like crazy tree is going to have one more night of Christmas glory.

Well, I’ve run out of boxes and I still have a bag full of ornaments that need a box and I have five strings of lights that also need somewhere to go. Instead of having piles of lights on the floor, I think that I’ll just leave them on the tree for one more night.  Should I actually take the tree down and just put the lights and ornaments somewhere?  Probably.  But, I’ve made my decision.  One more night of festivity instead of four nights of untangling lights that were left on the floor.

Plus, crazy tree looks nice.  Even without any ornaments.

Yes, those are bubble lights and flamingo lights. Yes, crazy tree is awesome.