Container Gardening

I will say, that as much as I love our front yard garden – and it’s a lot – there is something very enjoyable about a little container garden. Since it is filled with annuals, you can change it up every year. You can make your container garden as large or as small as you want. And it’s a great way to experiment with new plants.

When planning my container gardens, I choose 1) one type of tall grass for height, 2) something with fun color, and 3) something that will drape or fall over the front. This gives the garden some interesting depth.

Once you choose out the plants that you will use, experiment within the pot. Where do they look best. Don’t plant them until you are sure about their placement. (It’s much easier to move them around now, than after you’ve already planted them in their new homes.)


After you are sure of your placement, go ahead and plant. Honestly, I don’t think that there is a wrong way to do this. I add lots of small pots (because we have so many!) and that gives the whole garden some interesting impact. Even one plant in one small pot can add some fun color to your garden.


I have two larger pots and those are the ones that I really try to play around with using different heights. I found some cool grasses this year that I used toward the back of the pot.


The final step? Water your plants every day (unless you’ve been getting as much rain as we have…..) and enjoy your garden all summer long!


Garden Preparations

Huge shout out to Ryan and my dad for doing a ton of work in the garden space last weekend.  Dad brought his rototiller and they tilled the garden.  Ryan has planted some small plants and some seeds.  Hopefully, this summer will bring with it a huge crop of veggies and fruits.

This section of the garden still needs some work but this is the view of our raspberries and the grape arbor (complete with new grape growth).

This section of the garden still needs some work but this is the view of our raspberries and the grape arbor (complete with new grape growth).


That whole space? All of that soil? Yep.  That's our garden!

That whole space? All of that soil? Yep. That’s our garden!

Finally have a window of succulents

I have been holding on to some mason jars with the idea that at some point, I would plant succulents in each one.  Well, finally, I have crossed this one off of the list of things to do.  Mason jars + small rocks for drainage + soil (I used potting soil especially made for cacti and succulents) + variety of succulents = super cute window garden.

A note for those with pets: most succulents are actually not safe for cats.  Actually, I would go ahead and say that most indoor plants are not safe for cats.  However, these are located in the kitchen in a window that the cats will not go close to since it is so close to the sink.  If you have any questions about plants and your pets, check out the ASPCA’s website.

IMG_20140419_150516 IMG_20140419_150522

Cats are Horrible Garden Assistants

When Buddy was a kitten, I had several house plants.  When Buddy realized that I had several house plants, she quickly devised a plan to kill all of them.  I came home one day to find my lovely plant had been completely dug up and thrown on the ground.  The planter was lying on its side on the windowsill.  The tiny paw prints led me directly to the culprit.  I recently decided that since she was no longer a kitten and had become a responsible member of our household, it was time for me to once again fill the apartment with house plants.  That is when I learned the horrible truth.  It seems as though almost every plant is toxic for cats!

Ryan and I went to Home Depot today to search for plants.  Ryan was armed with the ASPCA website.  I was going on sheer instinct.  It turns out, when it comes to picking out safe plants, I have absolutely no instinct.  Thank goodness for the website.  It’s actually very helpful.  They list plants that are toxic to dogs and to cats.  That is great because I do not want to put Buddy, Bugz or Puck in any danger.

As I was searching through the Home Depot house plant section I came to the horrible realization that almost every single plant there would cause the cats to at the very least throw up on our new living room rug.  I was getting more and more discouraged until I found what seemed like the only thing that was safe: a palm.  How big will this palm get?  I have no idea.  Will I have to re-pot this palm every month because it keeps outgrowing its home in a style very similar to Audrey II?  I sure hope not.  Will this palm slowly take over our living room until we can no longer sit on the couch but have to climb through the plant and sit in its branches?  I don’t think so.  What I do know is that the only danger that Buddy faces from this plant is my reaction when she digs it up and leaves it on the floor.