Keep Going…Just Keep Going

I have noticed in just a short amount of time that my runs are getting easier again. But, I know that there will be things that will make it harder to keep up with my training. Grad school has started up again and that sucks up a lot of time. (But graduation comes in May!!!!!!) And the weather is still, well, winter. And, it’s not out of ordinary to walk in and find several piles of cat barf on the treadmill. (Thanks, Buddy….) But, I am determined to keep this going.

It’s time to start registering for spring/summer races.

What races are your favorites?

Half Marathon – DONE!

(Once again, this had been sitting in my drafts folder…..this school year…..gee whiz…. Hopefully, I’ll get back on track with my blogging in the next coming weeks….hopefully…..)

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, I was prepping for my first 5K. And a month ago, I completed my first half-marathon!

It was not easy and there were a couple times in which I thought of giving up but I pushed through and completed it.

One of the best parts was that the run was just beautiful!

Run Walk Run Walk Run Walk

My training has been a bit nuts this summer. We’ve been on two separate week long vacations and those threw my training off. (Although I did go to the gym one morning while we were at Disney.) Luckily, I was able to get most of my training done before the summer really got going so I’m kind of repeating a lot of what I’ve already done so that I’m ready for my first half-marathon….in just a little over a week! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I know that I can do it. Well, at least, I know that I can finish it. I don’t know what my time is going to look like. But it feels kinda crazy to think that just  a year ago I was getting ready to do my first 5K. And now, here I am….at a point that I never would’ve imagined….where I’ve completed several 5Ks, one 4 miler, two 10Ks,  and now… something with the word “marathon” attached to it.

Realistically, I’m as ready as I’m going to be….last Saturday I did 10 1/2 miles – my longest to date- and tomorrow I have one more long run …..but, please, do me a favor….think warm fuzzy thoughts on September 4th….. 🙂


My New Best Friend

So, my lovely readers, you already know that I am training for a 10K. You can check out my fundraising page here. Well, the 10K is in Florida. Which is great because it’s in February and a February 10K would only be doable (for me) if it was somewhere warm. The downside? I don’t live in Florida.

I was very concerned about how I would keep up with my training. One of the first cold-ish days in October, I went for a morning run. Let me just say, it was awful. Just awful. I’m guessing that once I’ve done more training, my lungs be a bit more prepared for…um…October. But I needed to continue my training without it being, well, awful.

So, here’s my new best running friend. Yep. A treadmill. It’s definitely not a fancy one but it does the job that it needs to do. And it folds up so it’s out of the way. It was also a lot cheaper than trying to get a gym membership.


Once spring has returned, I can get back into running outside. But for now, it’s nice to be able to keep up with my training without setting a foot outside. 🙂

Just keep running. Just keep running.

When I was toward the end of my pregnancy with baby girl, I somehow got it in my head that I wanted to train for a 5K. For someone who has never run, who has never enjoyed running, who has never liked exercise…..this surprised…well…me. People who have been friends with me for a long time will recall that I would announce that “the only reason to run is if you are being chased.”

It seemed a bit daunting but I felt that a 5K was probably doable. Not too strenuous and I wouldn’t have to spend hours running.

Soon after I got it in my head that I wanted to run a 5K, I started to think that someday it might be fun to run a race at Disney World. I guess that I figured that adding the fun of Disney might make me enjoy the running, or at least not dislike the running. I shared that thought with Ryan. He agreed that it would be a good plan. My birthday present was an iPod and a card on which he wrote “if you run, we’ll fly” meaning that if I did the running, we would fly to Florida so I could do a Disney race.

*flash forward a year*

I did not get as much running/training done during baby girl’s first year. That first year of baby stuff is a tough one. Juggling baby girl, big girl, teaching, AND grad school classes meant that I had absolutely no time. But this summer, that changed.  I started doing a 5K training app and eventually I graduated from the 5K training and began the 10K. I still kind of have a hard time believing that I’ve been able to do this. I’ve noticed a difference in my energy level. I had noticed a difference in how my clothes were fitting…..until the holiday candies/foods started appearing in my kitchen. And, I’m doing all of this while raising money for Special Olympics. I’m actually looking forward to running. (Well….not every morning….some mornings I am definitely not looking forward to running. Especially now that the colder weather has appeared.)

I’m proud. I’m proud that I’m doing this. I’m proud that I’ve stuck to it. I’m proud that I’ve been able to do this for myself. I’m proud that I’ve been able to do this for my girls. And, I’m proud that I can do this for the athletes in Special Olympics.

If you would like to donate to my fundraising (any little bit helps!!), please click here. The link brings you to my fundraising page. I would also love to hear from anyone with stories about their training. How has it gone for you? What has been the hardest part? What has been the most amazing part?

A running tutu

I recently ran a 5K that was held in a corn maze. There were lots of welcome-to-fall activities for the kiddos and at the end of the 5K I got a complimentary pumpkin and cup of cider. Yay fall! A friend of mine who was gonna run with me and I both decided that we needed to have some fun with this run by making tutus. Now, I’ve never made a tutu before so I basically made it up as we went on.

What I learned this time around:

  • Um, you will need way (!!!!!!!!!!) more fabric than you ever would’ve thought. At this point, I actually have no idea how much tulle I used. 12 yards maybe? I could’ve used less but I wanted the finished tutu to be really full and fluffy.
  • I started making a long tutu but changed my mind after I had reached the halfway point with the tulle. Not only did cutting the pieces into shorter pieces save me a bunch of fabric, I think it will also be better for running since the tutu will stick straight out instead of clinging to my legs.

I used ribbon as the base. This means that I’ll have to tie it to wear it. For me, this is fine. If I were to do it again, I think that I would try to make it with elastic. I feel that it would probably stay in place better.

It ended up being huge. Kinda surprisingly huge. I felt kind of like I had a innertube made of tulle.

Big pile of tulle

Big pile of tulle

Seriously. Seriously big.

Sorry. No more room in the car.....

Sorry. No more room in the car…..

But, it was a lot easier than I thought that it would be. And now, I’m looking forward to more running tutus for myself. 🙂


I guess I’m a real runner now

So, I ran my first 5K a few weeks ago. Yay! Yay me!

It's official!

It’s official!

It was a challenge because it was my first 5K but it was also a challenge because I happened to fall down some stairs just before getting in the car to go to the 5K. So. Yea. I sort of….landed right on my left knee, while slamming the back of my right leg onto a stair, and….hitting my back on the car door…. Fun! But, I ran the whole 5K! I did it! Yay! Yay me!

Then….I did a second 5K the following weekend. Although the second 5K wasn’t much of a race since the course was in a corn maze and it had rained nonstop two nights before. Instead of a race, it was like an episode of a reality tv show…where the contestants had to try to climb through miles of mud….all while wearing a tutu. Not sure what show that would be. But, I lived it. That was my reality. (It was fun – but next time I will not wear my mostly-new running shoes. We passed many shoes that had simply been abandoned in the mud. I lost a shoe but luckily, a guy walking by us helped to wrestle it out of the mud. I did check each one just in case they were a size 7….)

Now, since this whole running thing is still new for me, I’m not quite sure what to do about my legs. I’ve been elevating. And bracing. And elevating while bracing. I am hoping to make an appointment with a sports medicine doc this week (since the race was two weeks ago). So, please think positive-knee-so-I-can-keep-running thoughts.

In the meantime, tomorrow’s training session will be a walk/jog/walk/jog/walk/walk.


Summer To Do List – 2015 – UPDATED

So, summer is coming to a close. Back-to-school commercials have started already. *sigh* About a month ago, I posted my summer to-do list for this year. You can read the original here.

The list at this point:

  • Work on the front yard.   IN PROGRESS. My in-laws came down and helped and my parents came up and helped some more. Those bushes that I’ve hated since we moved in? They’re gone!!!!!!
  • Get back on track with my running/jogging/……walking.  IN PROGRESS. I’ve been better about sticking to the plan. And, I have registered to do a 10K. Crazy, right? Yea. Definitely crazy. I’m raising money for Special Olympics, too. So, I’m doing something good for me (running, getting in shape) and for others. You can help me reach my goal here. Any amount helps. 🙂
  • Read. Read. Read. IN PROGRESS. It feels good to just read for fun again. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that.
  • Work related: Pick a play for the Junior High spring production. IN PROGRESS. I’ve read two out of the five that I’m debating doing. The second one that I read is definitely a possibility.
  • Paint! We have a small stool in the bathroom that currently is the stopping point for magazines and catalogs and such. However, it needs to be painted as it still matches the bedroom furniture that we painted years ago. NOT STARTED. Um. Gotta get going on that one.
  • Do at least one non-scheduled fun thing every week. IN PROGRESS. The girls and I have been making up for lost time this summer. We’ve been super busy and have done tons of super fun things. I think, though, that we might need to “schedule” a do-nothing day, too.
  • Bake. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a lot of baking. IN PROGRESS. I’ve been trying to bake something each week. Last night I made banana bread and baby girl loved it!
  • Work ahead (as much as I can) on grad school projects. Thankfully, I only have one class this summer but I do want to get as much done ahead of the due date(s) as I can. IN PROGRESS. This class is actually moving pretty quickly. I only have a couple more weeks and then I’m done (at least until the fall semester starts up again).