A Scarf for Ryan – #8

Although the temp might be in the 90s this weekend, right now you definitely need a jacket when you go outside.  Since this might be the last time in quite awhile when a jacket is required if you are going outside, I made the decision to finish this scarf tonight!


Finally! Finally I am finished with this scarf! It’s actually kind of a good thing that spring has decided to take a vacation away from Chicago because Ryan might actually be able to use this scarf without having to wait until November.

A Scarf for Ryan – Update #7

Almost finished! It’s almost finished! I’m thinking that I only  need to add a couple more inches to the scarf and it’ll finally (finally!!!!) be done.  And since this is Illinois, the weather might actually still get cold enough for Ryan to use it this winter.

Almost done....

This pattern is easy and fun.

Buddy is excited, too!

But, she's not as helpful as she thinks she is.

A Scarf for Ryan – Update #6

Oh, will I ever finish this scarf? It seems a bit doubtful but I am determined.  I am also determined to finish this asap because I know of two babies who will be born this year and I need to start figuring out how to make piles of baby stuff.

I had a lot to get done this weekend but somehow finished it all Sunday afternoon!  I’m pretty impressed with myself.  The good thing is, everything was done.  The even better thing is, now I was able to get some knitting done!

After a Sunday evening and a Monday afternoon of knitting, I actually am beginning to think that I might finish this scarf!  And I might finish it on time for Ryan to actually use it during the winter!

The scarf so far:

A Scarf for Ryan – Update #5

So, I now have more inspiration to finish this scarf. First, it’s cold out and Ryan needs to have a warm neck. Second, Erin is coming over in a couple days to teach me how to knit in the round. I really want to get this scarf mostly finished before I start a new project.

So, while watching a marathon of Harry Potter movies, I sat down to get some work done on this scarf.

I’m actually kind of impressed with what I was able to accomplish tonight.

The scarf at this point:

A Scarf for Ryan – Update #4

Neverending pile of books

OK, this is getting ridiculous.  I’ve been working on this scarf for a long (!!!!!) time now and it still isn’t close to being long enough to function as a scarf.  So, I’ve fallen behind on my knitting.  My pile of books that I still need to read has grown instead of shrunk.  I’ve only baked one recipe from my self-assigned task of baking my way through Baked.

A while ago, when I was commenting on my lack of getting things done, Ryan said, “Yea.  It’s kind of like you have a full-time job again.”  Yea.

Oh well.

My goal was to get this scarf done by the time that it started to get cold.  It’s now November.  It has definitely begun to get cold out.  I have gone past my goal.

Will the scarf be finished?  Yes.

Will the scarf be finished soon? Ummmmmmmmmm……………..

I had the day off today and there was a ton of housework that I could’ve started.  However, I’ve been waging war against a cold for the past several weeks and didn’t really want to leave the couch today.  So, that meant catching up on some naps, some reading, and some knitting.

I actually made some progress on the scarf today.  After this morning, it looks like:

It's almost a scarf!

A Scarf for Ryan – Update #3

Oh, man.  I have got to finish this scarf!  I spent most of my downtime this summer reading my way through piles and piles of books.  Now, I’m not apologizing for getting so much reading accomplished in just a few months.  I love reading and always try to have at least one book ready to go.  The down side is that I didn’t get any knitting done this summer!  Despite the temperature highs this past weekend, fall is on it’s way and I need to finish this scarf.

So, I gave myself a job on Columbus Day.  My task was to knit for at least an hour on Columbus Day.  I knew that I would also do laundry, wash the dishes, and start reading a new book but I knew that I needed to start making my knitting a priority once again or Ryan would never be able to use this scarf.

After an hour of knitting, I think that I’ve made some solid progress.  I may actually have this done by the time that winter decides to show up.


Ryan's Scarf


A Scarf for Ryan – Update #2

So, I’ve been neglecting my knitting.  Thank goodness it is way too hot for Ryan to be wearing a scarf any time soon.  One of the really nice things about the pattern that I am using for this scarf is that it is incredibly easy to put down and pick up again weeks later without worrying about what you left off on.  And once you get going again, you can make a lot of progress very quickly.

The scarf so far: