Why is it when the cat chooses to sit on the chair in the corner…a chair that currently has three different blankets to choose from….why does she choose to sleep on the baby’s swaddling blanket instead?



Big Girl And Her Big Girl Bed

Monday morning, we had a very special delivery.  Big girl’s big-girl-mattress and Mommy and Daddy’s new mattress arrived.  So far the transition to big-girl bed has gone a lot smoother than I thought it would.  It actually helps that she hasn’t taken really great naps during the day.  That way, she is much more tired at bed time and less likely to run around her room.  Although….she did spend the first 15 minutes of bedtime on Monday running in her room and then jumping back into bed when I opened the door.


Big Girl’s Big Bed. Well, actually just her mattress. Once she masters the mattress, we’ll bring her twin bed in.

Sometimes…I wish I was a cat….

Seriously.  Cats have the best life in the world.  If I could come back in another life as any animal, I would definitely choose a house cat.  All that they do is eat, poop, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, drink, chase a shadow or an insect, eat, sleep, yawn, sleep.  That’s a difficult life, right?

Recently, I have been having a hard time sleeping soundly.  I toss and turn but can’t get really comfortable in bed.  Ryan and I are going to try to set up our big comfy chair in a way that would be comfy for sleeping.

While I’m thinking about when I’ll try to go to sleep tonight, I look around and realize that this is not a problem that cats ever have.




Even the most uncomfortable looking spots can be made comfortable by a cat.

Perfectly comfortable

Shoe box? Or comfy bed?

Oh well.  Hopefully, tonight I’ll only wake up a couple times.  And when I do, hopefully, I won’t trip on a sleeping cat.

Cats Would Probably be Great Yoga Teachers

Cats can maneuver their bodies so that they are comfortable no matter where they are. Everyday, I am amazed at the sleeping positions that Buddy and Bugz choose for themselves.  I try to do the yoga on Wii Fit and almost fall over every single time.

I look at the cats and their chosen spots and know in my heart that they would ace every Wii Fit yoga move without even trying.  Does it look comfortable where they are sleeping?  No.  Do they fit in that spot?  No.  Will they probably end up breaking or bending something as a direct result of their determination to sit where they want to?  Yep.  Do they look at me like I’m the weird one?  Most definitely, yes.

Bugz will probably end up breaking this box

Buddy has claimed this bag