Yes, cat, this WAS just for you

We have a new nice box that I have been trying to figure out what we should use it for.  It might be the perfect size to collect all of the remote controls. But, of course, Buddy has her own plans for the box.

What? It's for me, right?

What? It’s for me, right?

So, since I let the cat control way more in the house than any one animal should be able to…..I guess it’s now her box.

Obviously it's mine.

Obviously it’s mine.

It's the perfect size.

It’s the perfect size.

So now I need a new idea for storing the remotes…..


The Neverending Task of Organization

One of my project a couple weeks ago was to go through all of big sister’s baby toys and get them ready for little sister to play with them.  I went through the baby toys in the toy room and washed them so they would be ready for tummy time play in the living room.  I wasn’t sure where to put them as we’ve been trying very hard to keep the living room from becoming Toy Room 2.0.  Ryan mentioned the small canvas container that had been in big sister’s room that held some of the more frequently read books.  I knew that that would work perfectly.  All that I would have to do would be to move the books onto her book shelf in her bedroom.

Now, these are not her only books.  Big sister has books in the toy room and in the living room but most of her books are in her bedroom.  You can quickly take a look at the book shelf and see that this is a kid who loves books.  And that makes me very proud.

Books. Books. Books.

Books. Books. Books.


The next organization task is to pack up my maternity clothes and go through all of my other clothes.  I’ve made a large pile of clothes to get rid of and am in the process of finding places for the rest of my clothes to go.