A weekend of deliciousness

One of my favorite parts of being a tour guide for friends when they visit Chicago is being able to eat at my favorite places. This weekend, one of my good friends who currently lives in Florida came to visit Chi-town. The downside? Spring has not made the strong push that I would have liked. The upside? While we weren’t able to do a lot of “outside stuff” because it was so chilly we were able to get to a lot of restaurants and eat some yumminess.
Our weekend of food:

Thursday – Ryan made a pot roast. Homemade and yummy.

Friday – While Jamie was visiting another friend, I ordered my favorite pizza for myself. Yay for the margherita pizza at Apart Pizza Company.

Saturday – Lunch at the Grafton.  Burgers + curry chips = a perfect lunch.  Dinner and drinks at Tiny Lounge.

Sunday – Dinner at Purple Pig.  This worked out nicely as Purple Pig is one of my fave places to eat in the entire city.

Monday – Lunch at Hot Doug’s.  Snack at Selmarie.  Dinner at Potbelly.  This was the day of the carb.

Tuesday – Breakfast at Angel Food Bakery.  A coconut cupcake is a perfect breakfast food.

When you are the tour guide, what are the places that you know that you have to take people to?


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